Watch of the God

Year: 2014

Media: Permanent Marker

The world cannot exist without a balance; chaos and order, peace and war, life and death. If this balance were to be thrown out of whack, the universe as we know it would crumble. But what keeps this balance in check? Is it some mystical, all-powerful force, or could it be a god? It could be possible that, if it is a god, that they constantly keep watch over everything in the universe; not just humans and the Earth. 

I wished to convey this concept by having a centre of attention which resembled some kind of an ancient god. Surrounding it are patterns and designs in which I made to balance each other perfectly by putting them in opposite positions and inverted coloured areas. Then, in order to have its power reach over vast expanses, I have long "arms" that come out of the god, which also acts as the separation between the "Life" and "Death".