One with the Sea (Self-Portrait)

Year: 2014

Media: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop

I have a strong fascination and respect for the sea; one that cannot be described in words. Beautiful yet deadly, it is the body that covers the majority of our planet's surface, and it is what sustains all life. Yet, we know more about the empty space that surrounds our world, than we do the oceans. Whenever I visit it, I admire its beauty and wonder of its legacy. The mysteries it holds are as old as legends, and I wonder how many of those legends are true. 

The legend I wonder and believe in most is the existence of mermaids; but not the ones with the flawless appearance and sea shell bikini tops. Mermaids that have evolved from early humans; with webbed fingers and large eyes; ones that we would describe as deformed creatures. To me, they are beautiful, as with the sea they dwell in.