The Ultimate Creature

Year: 2014

Media: White Clay

It is ignorant to think that we, humans, are the sole life in the universe. With an infinite amount of stars and planets, who's to say that one of them, no matter their atmospheric conditions, couldn't contain life? 

I am one of the people who strongly believes that there is life on other planets. To be honest, I believe they have already found US. Although I have not seen a UFO (yet), both my mother and my grandmother have seen one, and they too believe that we have been visited by something other worldly. My fascination with the existence of alien life has given me a deep love for the science-fiction genre. It has also allowed me to stay open to the many theories concerning the topic, even those concerning the history of human life. Did extraterrestrials play some kind of role in human development? What is the true identity of the gods/angels that are described in ancient texts? Questions such as these keep me interested, and searching for answers.