No Strings Attached

Year: 2014

Media: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop

A young boy, "Xian",  sold to the slave trade by his own father, makes a deal with a demon, that in exchange for his soul, he would gain immortality and power. He goes on a murderous rampage, and with his new freedom, ventures out into the world of the unknown. The demon tricks the boy into believing that, out in the world somewhere, is the boy's "puppet", which he now must find. Decades pass, and the now grown boy has murdered hundreds, and remains elusive to authorities. But when he comes upon a teenaged girl that peaks his curiosity, and later falls in love with, Xian finds himself in the middle of an internal battle. Does he continue the obsessive search for his "puppet", or does he choose a life with his true love? And with his demon partner trying to convince him to leave the girl, Xian's dilemna is much harder then he anticipated, with fatal consequences.