Children of Decadence

Year: 2014

Media: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop

A young girl is caught pickpocketing food from the wrong person; a templar by the name of Duncan. Having been caught, she flees, only to be chased down by the templar. When he catches her, the child is sent into a panic, desperately trying to get free to no avail. Once her energy has been spent, Duncan confronts the young girl, only to be mesmerized by her odd looking eyes. Duncan soon learns that the girl is homeless, starving, and just trying to survive. His humanity coming through, Duncan decides that the girl should live with him. Little did he know that this was the beginning of something much more than he could imagine.

Based on one of my stories, I made a small, 3-page comic in which Duncan and the girl, Azalia, meet for the first time. Given special permission from my friend, Janal, I was allowed to use Duncan (which is her character) in my story.